How to use Roku and Stream Live TV for houses equipped with Roku



To watch free shows just scroll to and select “Live TV on Roku Channel”, “Roku Channel”, or “Tubi TV”.  There are many more free apps.   You are able watch Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney, Hulu, HBO go, spectrum, and many more on this TV using you own account. As example, select Netflix and login using your own account information. Make sure to Logout when you check out.



If you’re having problems with how to use tv try below steps.


  • 1. Turn on TV using the TV remote not the Roku remote unless the Roku remote has a red power button at top and then its probably a Roku TV.   See remoted label below.


  • 2. This step is for TV that has separate remote from Roku. You generally should not need this step because the TV should already be on HDMI1 but if the tv turns on and you do not see purple


  • 3. Roku screen or screen showing apps like Roku Channel, you may need to change the input.  Using TV remote look for “Source” or “Input” button and select HDMI1 if not already selected. (in some cases could be HDMI2).


  • 4. Next Using Roku remote press “Roku Home” button.


  • 5. To watch TV, scroll and select “Live TV on Roku Channel” or “Roku Channel” from the Apps. Use “Navigation” buttons to scroll and “OK” button is to select the app you want to open.  There are so many other apps that have free shows like Tubi TV as another example.


  • 6. Use “Close/Back” button to get menu for tv guide. Then use “Navigation” and “Select” to change channels.