Medieval Times

You may have driven past a large Medieval Castle on the 192 near Fun Spot in Kissimmee and wondered what that is doing here in Florida!  Well it may not seem a typically native Floridian attraction but it is a very authentic, thoroughly entertaining dinner show for all the family! Once you have collected your ticket you get to walk around the Medieval Village which pays homage to that era in Spain, with many genuine 16th century articles imported over form Majorca and painstakingly restored.  You enter an architects home from that era where you are greeted by the architect (in full 16th century regalia) who will give you information about the artifacts on view and is also more than happy to pose for a snapshot!  You progress through a bakers, carpenters, wine cellar ad even a medieval torture chamber – my goodness those people were cruel!  You would definitely behave yourself in 16th century Spain! Most rooms have a traditionally dressed curator to answer any questions you may have.
medieval times 3
You then gather in the Grand Hall where one of the Noblemen entertains you while you wait to take your table.  Here you will also find plenty of merchandise to help you depart with your spending money!  If you only choose one thing to buy, a cheering flag to represent your team is a must and inexpensive.
medival times 2
When you enter the arena, you will find your table complete with dishes and drinking vessels in 16th century design.  Your are then served with delicious hot bread and soup followed by the tastiest half a chicken I have eaten in a long time! Accompaniments include garlic potato and corn on the cob, all served on you metal plate with no cutlery in sight so you can really eat like a king!! (Tempting though it is to hurl your chicken bones behind you, the guest behind may not be too happy!!).
medieval times 4
Dinner continues through to pudding as the entertainment begins with some impressive displays of horsemanship and pageantry as all the Knights enter the arena.  The atmosphere is rousing as you feel the camaraderie with with the Knight you have been assigned to and your surrounding guests!  Our four year old was so engrossed in the entertainment, booing and cheering on with her flag!  Her face was a picture when she was lucky enough to catch a carnation thrown from the Red Knight! (I think the fact that she was dressed in her best princess outfit helped him pick her out!). All the adults in our party were also totally immersed in the competition of the jousting display, convinced our Knight was going to win, only to be overcome in the last round by the yellow Knight!! Boooooooo!
medieval times 5
We all know that feeling of leaving a venue with a huge smile on your face and feeling positively uplifted.  Thats how we felt as we left, and we were not the only ones who thoroughly enjoyed the evening – we heard lots of positive comments as we left!  We at Welcome Homes USA thoroughly recommend adding this venues to your vacation itinerary.  It provides  some fun diversity from the more traditional parks and attractions.