Property Information


We hope you have had an enjoyable stay and have many wonderful memories to take home with you. Please note that checkout time is at 10 am on the designated date of checkout. Before you leave, we just ask a couple of favors to help our housekeeper prepare for our next guests. It takes 4-6 hours to properly prepare a home for the next guest. It is very important that you leave the home on time.


* Please take all trash, including bathroom trash bags, out to the trash carts on the side the garage or trash enclosure on the side of the home.

* Please wash and dry at least one load of towels.

* Please load all dishes into the dishwasher and run it on the normal cycle.

* Please turn the A-C up to80º F.

* Please lock all doors and close all windows.

* Place the keys back inside the lockbox(if applicable)If you choose, we’d also appreciate your feedback. We love to hear from all our past guests. We hope you have a safe journey home and visit us again in the future.




Air Conditioning

The air conditioning should already be set when you arrive. Please take note of the following temperature restrictions:


When using the Air conditioning System it should be set: Between 72 and 78 degrees


When using the Heating System it should be set: Between 76 an 78 degrees


Please do not go above or below these recommendations.


Never set the temperature below 72 degrees!


Make sure you keep ALL windows and doors closed, paying particular attention to the door from the house to the garage and the sliding doors from the house to the pool area. Leaving these opened will result in wasted energy and an inefficient cooling/heating system.


Freezing up the system will not only cost you money to un-freeze the system but will also prohibit you to use the air-conditioner for 24hours to allow the system to defrost.


You’ll be responsible to the cost that could range $75.00 – $300.00 depending on the damage.



The waste pipes are considerably smaller than those you may be used to.


If clogs occur, as sometimes do, use the plunger provided for your use! In the event that the toilet over flows, there’s a stop valve behind the toilet, please turn off the water and call Welcome Homes emergency line immediately (407)390-9000 EXT. 4


*If cause of clog was you, the cost will be deducted from your deposit.



Pool Rules
  • NO Diving – The pool is not designed for diving.  It is not deep enough!
  • NO Children left unattended in the pool area at any time, even for a few minutes.
  • NO Glass in pool area. Please use the plastic dinnerware and cups.
  • NO Running.
  • NO swimming during a thunder/lightning storm.
  • Always wear proper swimming attire.
  • NO metal objects, coins, pool furniture in the pool. This can stain the pool surface, requiring the pool to be drained and acid washed. This is a very expensive process!
  • NO littering. Please keep the deck litter free. Do not let paper towels or napkins enter the pool as these can clog the filter. Please keep pool screen doors closed at all times to prevent bugs (we have big dragon files in Florida!)
  • Please do NOT lock pool screen doors as this will prevent the pool
  • Do not attempt to change any of the pool controls for the heater or pump at any time. The only control our guests are permitted to use is the spa control.




Any damages resulting from changing the settings will be deducted from your security deposit.

Pool is serviced weekly. Chemical balances checked and corrected.

Water should be clear blue. (If not call the office& technician will be sent)





All pool homes are required to have a pool alarm on doors facing the pool. Disconnecting or tampering with the pool alarm is against the Law and is a Second Degree Misdemeanor, punishable of $5,000 Fine or 1 year in jail. The alarm will sound when you open the door and will continue to sound until the door is shut. All alarms are inspected prior to guest arrival. If your pool alarm is not working properly, please notify Welcome Homes. In the event the pool alarms are not functioning properly and are not reported to Welcome Homes, the guest will be charged.





  • Pool heat will take 24 to 48 hours to warm up depending on outside temperatures.
  • Keep the pool cover on the pool when not in use. (The bubbled side down).  By doing so, the pool will retain most of the heat overnight.
  • Please do not attempt to turn on and/or change the settings of the heater system.
  • When the pool is in use, store the pool cover on the roller (if supplied.)
  • Always remove the pool cover completely before using the pool.
  • Temperatures outside reaching below 60 will turn off the pool heat. These temperatures are too cold for the heater to operate properly. Once temperatures reach above 60, the heater will turn back on.

If your villa has a SPA please note this is not a hot tub. The temperature of a spa is the same temperature as the main pool.


Note: Please do not expect hot tub temperatures to be available on spas. The pool Temperature is set to reach a maximum of 86 degrees, in compliance with the State Licensing regulations, spas and hot tubs are set to reach a maximum of 102 degrees, however integral pool spas may not reach 102 degrees as the water is being filtered through the pool as well. Turning on the pool heat without notifying the office will result in a fine, as it is considered stealing.




While using the waste disposal, please leave your water running or the motor will burn.


FOOD ITEMS ONLY are to be placed in the garbage waste disposal.


DO NOT put metal, bones, plastic, strings, or corn on the cob leaves or husks.



The cost of repairs due to misuse will be charged to you




  • Putting regular dishwashing liquid in the machine will cause it to overflow and cause substantial damage.  You’ll be responsible for costs related to overflow.
  • RINSE all dishes first, DO NOT PUT non-stick pans inside the machine or they will become damaged.





Your home is equipped with both smoke and heat detectors. If the smoke alarm starts beeping and there is no evidence of smoke or fire it usually means the battery needs to be replaced.  Please call the office, and we will schedule a maintenance staff to change the batteries in the smoke alarm.





Before pulling the vertical blinds, please make sure the blinds are rotated into the open position, by gently pulling the chain.  Any damages resulting from the blind being pulled incorrectly will be charge to your security deposit.





To watch free shows just scroll to and select “Live TV on Roku Channel”, “Roku Channel”, or “Tubi TV”.  There are many more free apps.   You are able watch Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney, Hulu, HBO go, spectrum, and many more on this TV using you own account. As example, select Netflix and login using your own account information. Make sure to Logout when you check out.


If you’re having problems with how to use tv try below steps.


Step 1 Turn on TV using the TV remote not the Roku remote unless the Roku remote has a red power button at top and then its probably a Roku TV.


Step 2 This step is for TV that has separate remote from Roku.  You generally should not need this step because the TV should already be on HDMI1 but if the tv turns on and you do not see purple Roku screen or screen showing apps like Roku Channel, you may need to change the input.  Using TV remote look for “Source” or “


Step 3 Next Using Roku remote press “Roku Home” button.


Step 4 To watch TV, scroll and select “Live TV on Roku Channel” or “Roku Channel” from the Apps.  Use “Navigation” buttons to scroll and “OK” button is to select the app you want to open.  There are so many other apps that have free shows like Tubi TV as another example.


Step 5 Use “Close/Back” button to get menu for tv guide.  Then use “Navigation” and “Select” to change channels.