Narcoossee’s – Grand Floridian

[wp_blog_designer id=”1″]Narcoossee’s, Disney’s Grand Floridian’s signature restaurant, is a gem not to be missed.  Located on the waterfront, this restaurant provides panoramic views of The Seven Sea’s Lagoon, taking in the top of Cinderella’s Castle.  In the evening ,the verandah not only allows a close up viewing of the often missed Electrical Water Pageant, but also a unique, uncrowded observation point for spectacular views of Wishes Fireworks Display.  The synchronized display music is even fed to speakers on the verandah, making the stunning reflections across the water even more atmospheric.
As if the exceptional dining experience wasn’t enough, the food here can only be described as out of this world!  The menu includes dishes from Two-pound Maine Lobster, Key west Shrimp to Filet Mignon to cater for meat as well as sea food lovers.  As for the Rhode Island Calamari, what can I say, the best we have tasted!  Personally, I am usually able to stop eating when I am full, but the quality and taste of all the courses served up at Narcoossee’s rendered it impossible for me to leave anything on my plate, despite feeling gorged!  Even the photo’s I took of the food do not show the plate untouched as we were so keen to tuck in the photo taking took a back seat!
Narcoossee 1Narcoossee 2
Welcome Homes USA would not want you to be disappointed in any way, and so if you are expecting a sophisticated atmosphere found at other Disney high end restaurants such as The Contemporary’s California Grill, your expectations may not be met.  The wooden floor and lack of music makes it a little noisy in the restaurant. Non the less, we cannot recommend Narcoossee’s highly enough, it is truly a fantastic dining experience not to be missed.

It is worth letting the restaurant know if it is special occasion when you make your reservation.  They served up a beautiful desert with a “Happy Anniversary” chocolate message to my husband and I for our fifth wedding anniversary.  The almond cheesecake that came with this was again one of the tastiest puddings I have ever eaten

Texas de Brazil

Texas de Brazil describes itself as an authentic Brazilian-American “Churrascaria”, (steakhouse) that fuses traditional Brazilian food with the big hearted ethos of Texas.  And I must say they they live up to their description!  The food is incredibly tasty and they couldn’t be more generous with it! To start there is a lavish salad area which comprises between 50 and 60 dishes including appetizers, soups (the best lobster bisque I have ever tasted!), gourmet vegetables and of course, salads!  Now even if there are vegetarians amongst your party, they can fill on this area alone!  We found gourmet breads, cheeses, grilled portobello mushrooms, asparagus, and tons more!  They still cater for carnivores here and there are delicious shrimp salads, sushi and meats.

As you are seated you will notice servers (gauchos) visiting tables to offer a variety of grilled meats on skewers, and carving slices directly onto the diners plates.  You can have as much or little of any of the 16 cuts of meat as you like, from filet mignon to leg of lamb, pork ribs or Brazilian Picanha!  You are given a card when you arrive to let the gauchos know that you are ready to eat – turn it to the green side and they will attend your table to offer the cut they are carrying, turn it to the red side and they will give you a rest! Now I have to say that we visited at five o’clock in the afternoon and never had to wait long for a carver to bring a skewer over.  The service was fantastic and our waitress would ask regularly if there was a particular meat that we wanted to try.  I believe you may need to expect a longer wait at busier times due to the popularity of this restaurant, and a reservation may even be wise.

All in all Welcome Homes highly recommends  this restaurant for at least one visit during your stay at our villas in Orlando, when you are particularly hungry!  It is not the cheapest of restaurants but I would say well worth the money, as the food they serve is not typical of an all you can eat restaurant.  If you had a late night at the Disney parks and sleep in, you could even make it an early lunch/late breakfast, maybe then having room for one of their mouthwatering deserts – they looked amazing but sadly I really could fit no more in. Do check if dessert is included in the price as it is only included at particular sittings!  One more tip – bring a wrap or something to throw over your shoulders – they do keep it cool in there!