SeaWorld experience are great way show our kids how beautiful and unique wildlife we have here in Florida.

Welcome Homes USA cannot recommend SeaWorld highly enough. It is one of our favorite parks and has something for everyone. If you need a break from running between rides at other parks, you can spend a whole day sitting and resting your feet in all the incredible shows they put on. If you are concerned about having to explain to teachers about going a couple of days over school vacation, this park can offers an education your children will never experience behind a desk! 

They can’t fail to come away with a profound compassion for the sea life on our planet. Additionally, a deep respect for the experts who take care of the beautiful creatures they will see in the parks. This brings us on to the amazing work SeaWorld does in using their experience and knowledge to save our beautiful and unique wildlife in Florida.

SeaWorld Rescue Team

When they are called upon to help animals who have encountered problems in the wild they do not fail. The SeaWorld Rescue Team were integral to saving 19 manatee from Satellite Beach. There are numerous articles like this one where wild animals would have had a less favorable outcome with the help SeaWorld provided.

There is an array of behind the scenes tours to take your budding animal experts on. You will see Beluga Whales, walruses, stingray, dolphins, penguins, sealions, turtles, manatee and so much more!

For the adrenaline junkies this park offers arguably some of the best rides in Orlando. Mako, Kraken and Manta are not to be missed, there truly is nothing else like them nearby. For the little ones Shamus Happy Harbor provides hours of fun. 

Not to be outdone on the gourmet front, as well as plenty of quick serve establishments to eat in. If you feel like treating yourselves, Sharks Underwater is a must. Beautiful food while your scenery of the creatures of the deep are constantly changing and going about their business!

All in all, a must for visitors of all ages….. and we haven’t begun to sing the praises of SeaWorld Christmas spectacular! 

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Fantasia Gardens Mini Golf – Disney

Fantasia gardens is home to two (there is a pun there somewhere!!) miniature golf courses.  The first a more traditional ‘crazy golf’ course, complete with tutu wearing hippos, sorcerer Mickey and even a few squirting broomsticks!  The second is a more conventional looking golf course but on a miniature scale. This course features bunkers, sloping greens  and even sand traps on it’s 18 holes which range in length from 63 to 109 feet!

It is important when visiting Fantasia Gardens not to expect a crazy golf version of Magic Kingdom.  If you want loud colorful excitement you may be disappointed.  This is more of a peaceful meander through lakes and streams while you putt into 18 holes to unwind from the thrills and spills of the theme parks. Gentle music from the film ‘Fantasia’ plays while you aim past the odd moving obstacle and a couple of the holes even treat you to a tune when you succeed in putting through a tunnel or into the hole!

Here at Welcome Homes USA we want you to enjoy your time in this wonderful State of Florida.  We thoroughly recommend a visit to this attraction for those in need of a little chill out time.  Those who expect vibrant excitement may prefer alternative attractions.

Florida’s Wildlife

Here at Welcome Homes USA we want your stay to be a safe stay! This is information worth knowing whilst in Central Florida and staying at one of our lovely Condos or Homes.

Florida is notorious for its prolific insect life, and for this reason your holiday home with Welcome Homes USA is treated both inside and outside on a regular basis. Therefore, to make your stay more comfortable, please do not leave food or drink on counter tops, in wash baskets and specially on the pool deck, and avoid leaving dirty or damp clothes laying around. If you are not doing these recommendations, you are inviting these “uninvited guests” to come into your home. Please do not leave doors and windows open this increases insect infestation and prevent the A/C from working efficiently.

There are different animals that you have to be aware of: Snakes, Alligators and Spiders.

There are 45 species of snakes found in florida, but there are only 6 venomous. Here are some that are venomous and non-venomous that you may encounter.

Coral Snake-VENOMOUS
They are quite secretive and are usually found under debris and in the ground but occasionally they are found in the open and have even been seen climbing the trunks of live Oaks. Good numbers of them are exposed when pine flat wood are bulldozed, particularly in south Florida

If you see what you think is a coral snake, remember this saying “if red touches yellow, it can kill a fellow (coral snake): if red touches black, it is a friend of Jack (Scarlet kingsnake, or scarlet snake).

coral snake

Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake-VENOMOUS
Diamondbacks are often found in pine flat woods, longleaf pine and turkey oak and sand pine scrub areas. These habitats contain palmetto thickets and gopher tortoise burrows in which the diamondback may seek refuge. Humans had invaded many of the florida’s pine flat woods and scrub areas which now contain farms, homes and shopping plazas. As a result, the displaced diamondbacks sometimes turn up in backyards, golf courses, and even parking lots.

This is a large impressive and potentially dangerous snake, it can strike up to 2/3 its body length: a 6 foot specimen may strike 4 foot. These factors, as well as others, make this snake that should be left alone.

Cottonmouth Water Moccasin-VENOMOUS
Cottonmouths are found in any wetland or waterways, although they occasionally wander far from water, and have been found in bushes and trees. Their bites can be quite dangerous. The victim should seek immediate medical care from a physician or hospital experienced in treating snakebite. The dangerous semi-aquatic snake is truly an aggressive reptile that will stand its ground or even approach an intruder.


Alligators our found in freshwater swamps and marshes, rivers, lakes and small bodies of water. Alligators near human habitation are often seen crossing roads, entering suburbs and finding shelter in swimming pools during the drier months. In some areas, increasing alligator population creates problems with humans on the edge of alligator habitat, and “nuisance alligator” programs are required to deal with them. These involve catching and roaming animals which have roamed too far into human habitation, or which pose a potential threat to people.



Brown Widow-VENOMOUS
It is primarily found in Florida, it is Venomous and has a neurotoxin like the black widow, although it injects less venom than the black widow. All widows can be identified by the red-hor glass shape on their abdomen.

brown widow

Black Widow-VENOMOUS
Black widow bites are sharp, painful and venomous; the victim should go to the doctorimmediately for treatment. To control the black widow, carefully remove all materials where they might hise. This can be cleaned out of an area simply by knocking down the webs, spiders and round tan egg sacs with a stick and crushing them underfoot.

black widow

Brown recluse spider-VENOMOUS
The most recognized feature of the Brown Recluse Spider is its violin pattern on the cephalothorax or in other words te location of the top side of the spider near the head. the Recluse Spider’s bite has the effect of creating a scar around the portion of the bite as venom destroys the tissue and attacks the muscle, also called the flesh-eating spider. Immediate medical attention is required when bitten.

Driving in Florida

Here at Welcome Homes USA we want to make sure you travel to and from your day trips safe and sound.  Some traffic rules and regulations here in Florida may be unfamiliar to visitors from abroad and it is worth acquainting  yourself with some of these laws to make your journeys stress free.

Check this website for more information about VISITOR TOOL PASS


  • If you are wondering why you are getting the odd motorist giving you a gentle ‘bib’ at lights, it is worth knowing that you can turn right on a red traffic light if the way is clear, unless there is a sign displaying ‘NO TURN ON RED’

No turn on red sign

  • A red arrow is just like a red light, you may turn right if the way is clear.
  • A yellow arrow means traffic in that direction will soon get a red arrow to stop, but a left flashing yellow arrow means left turns are allowed but yield to oncoming traffic who have a green light!
  • A flashing red light is the same as a stop, it is just emphasizing the intersection is a dangerous one so keep an extra eye out!
  • A flashing yellow light means proceed with caution, and is used just before dangerous intersections or to alert you to a warning sign such as a school crossing or sharp curve.
  • A yellow cross means the lane signal is going to change to a red cross and you must leave the lane.

If you see red reflectors (cats eyes) facing you in the lane lines, you are on the wrongs side of the road! Move over immediately.  If you see red reflectors on the lines on the edge of the road you are on the wrong freeway ramp.  Pull over immediately! Red reflectors always mean you are facing the traffic the wrong way and could have a head-on collision.


Municipal speed areas –                 30MPH
Business or residential areas –     30MPH
Rural Interstate –                             70 MPH (if posted)
Limited access highways –             70MPH
All other roads and highways  –   55 MPH
School zones  –                                 20 MPH

You can be issued a ticket for driving too slowly! When the posted speed limit is 70 mph, the minimum speed if 50mph!

On a two way street or highway, all drivers moving in either direction must stop for a stopped school bus which is picking up or dropping off children.  You must remain stopped until all children are clear of the roadway ad the bus’ stop arm is withdrawn.

If the highway is divided by a raised barrier or an unpaved median at least five feet wide, you do not have to stop if you are moving in the opposite direction of the bus.  Painted lines or pavement markings are not considered barriers.  You must always stop if you are moving in the same direction as the bus and you must remain stopped until the bus stop arm is withdrawn.


All children five years of age or younger must use a restraint device when traveling in a motor vehicle and always secured in the rear seat.  Infant carriers or children’s car seats must be used for children up to three years of age.  For children aged four through five, a separate carrier, an integrated child seat or a seat belt may be used.

The Move Over Law dictates that when police, emergency workers and tow-truck drivers are stopped along a roadway, on a two lane roadway, you must slow to a speed that is 20 MPH less than the posted speed limit.  If you are traveling on a road with multiple lanes in the same direction and you approach these vehicles/workers, you must vacate the lane closest to that vehicle as soon as it is safe to do so.  If it is not safe to do so you must slow to 20 MPH below the posted speed limit.  You may receive a fine and points if you violate this law.

When there are two or more lanes of traffic moving in the same direction, it is legal to pass on the right in Florida (undertaking to us Brits), so keep an extra eye out when moving back into the right lane.

No one has the right of way in Florida!  The law only states who must give up the right of way.  Every driver, motorcyclist, moped rider, bicyclist and pedestrian must do everything possible to avoid a crash.

STOP SIGNS Always come to a complete stop at the marked stop line.  If there is no stop line, stop before entering the crosswalk on the nearside intersection.  At a 4-Way stop sign traffic from all four directions must stop.  The first vehicle to reach the intersection should move forward first.  If two vehicles reach the intersection at the same time, the driver on the left yields to the driver on the right.
Stop sign


Florida has tough policies on drink driving.  Persons arrested for driving under the influence (DUA) with alcohol levels of 0.08% or higher can face criminal prosecution.

This sign means you are near a school.  Watch out for children.
School crossing

Advance warning sign when approaching a highway-rail intersection.
Railroad crossing sign

Ripley’s Believe It or Not

We weren’t sure what to expect from this strange looking museum that looks as if it is about to disappear into a sink hole on International Drive!  Having read mixed reviews we went with an open mind – and were very pleasantly surprised!  The website doesn’t give much away, but for good reason – there are some fun little surprises along the way that would be less amusing if you knew what was coming!  So, I will try to describe this intriguing place without giving too much away!

The self-guided tour began with some interesting artwork on the wall made totally from sweets – my four year old now has some new ideas for what to do with her gummy bears!  Then came a hologram of Mr Ripley himself, explaining how the ‘Believe it or Not’ idea all started.
ripleys 1

Next came some interesting interactive exhibits to test your senses or, in my case, make you screech with an unexpected blast of air when putting my hand into a hole that the sign said not to!  There are a few things along the way that instruct you not to do something – invariably enticing you to buck authority and follow your curiosity.  Inevitably there is a surprise that will startle but not frighten you! This area provided some ‘Science museum’ type interactions fun for all ages.  My four year old daughter loved pressing buttons to see various light and sound reactions and her forty something dad equally enjoyed testing his abilities to balance a stick on his finger!  (Says it all really!)  Some simple ideas here which not only have a science principle behind them but are really fun to try, especially if there is a group of you with a competitive nature!

Some interesting facts about unusual human capabilities defy anyone not to attempt tongue contortions and facial gurning in the mirror, and, without wanting to give too much away, and don’t tell the visitors you are taking with you, take note of the time you enter to find your video on the time lapse screen just as you leave!!

Among numerous, fascinating exhibits referencing some famous hoaxes and also some questionable folk tales, there are exhibits displaying some strange human traditions from around the world.  Some will make you smile, some will make you wince!  Amidst these exhibits, you are led through a very odd, what can only be described as, a ‘wonky’ room.  It is quite amazing how the distortions here actually make you feel dizzy!  There is no sound, lights or even movement to make you feel this way, just optical illusion!

A favorite near the end was the light tunnel.  Again an illusion which makes walking a straight line on flat ground without holding on to the rail a real challenge!  Our four year old loved this – as did all the adults around us!

All in all, Welcome Homes USA thoroughly recommends this homage to the weird and wonderful!  It provides a welcome, leisurely paced break for an air conditioned escape from the midday sun or an interesting and fun diversion when the weather isn’t being so kind and Florida demonstrates one of its frequent but short downpours!

Medieval Times

You may have driven past a large Medieval Castle on the 192 near Fun Spot in Kissimmee and wondered what that is doing here in Florida!  Well it may not seem a typically native Floridian attraction but it is a very authentic, thoroughly entertaining dinner show for all the family! Once you have collected your ticket you get to walk around the Medieval Village which pays homage to that era in Spain, with many genuine 16th century articles imported over form Majorca and painstakingly restored.  You enter an architects home from that era where you are greeted by the architect (in full 16th century regalia) who will give you information about the artifacts on view and is also more than happy to pose for a snapshot!  You progress through a bakers, carpenters, wine cellar ad even a medieval torture chamber – my goodness those people were cruel!  You would definitely behave yourself in 16th century Spain! Most rooms have a traditionally dressed curator to answer any questions you may have.
medieval times 3
You then gather in the Grand Hall where one of the Noblemen entertains you while you wait to take your table.  Here you will also find plenty of merchandise to help you depart with your spending money!  If you only choose one thing to buy, a cheering flag to represent your team is a must and inexpensive.
medival times 2
When you enter the arena, you will find your table complete with dishes and drinking vessels in 16th century design.  Your are then served with delicious hot bread and soup followed by the tastiest half a chicken I have eaten in a long time! Accompaniments include garlic potato and corn on the cob, all served on you metal plate with no cutlery in sight so you can really eat like a king!! (Tempting though it is to hurl your chicken bones behind you, the guest behind may not be too happy!!).
medieval times 4
Dinner continues through to pudding as the entertainment begins with some impressive displays of horsemanship and pageantry as all the Knights enter the arena.  The atmosphere is rousing as you feel the camaraderie with with the Knight you have been assigned to and your surrounding guests!  Our four year old was so engrossed in the entertainment, booing and cheering on with her flag!  Her face was a picture when she was lucky enough to catch a carnation thrown from the Red Knight! (I think the fact that she was dressed in her best princess outfit helped him pick her out!). All the adults in our party were also totally immersed in the competition of the jousting display, convinced our Knight was going to win, only to be overcome in the last round by the yellow Knight!! Boooooooo!
medieval times 5
We all know that feeling of leaving a venue with a huge smile on your face and feeling positively uplifted.  Thats how we felt as we left, and we were not the only ones who thoroughly enjoyed the evening – we heard lots of positive comments as we left!  We at Welcome Homes USA thoroughly recommend adding this venues to your vacation itinerary.  It provides  some fun diversity from the more traditional parks and attractions.

Narcoossee’s – Grand Floridian

[wp_blog_designer id=”1″]Narcoossee’s, Disney’s Grand Floridian’s signature restaurant, is a gem not to be missed.  Located on the waterfront, this restaurant provides panoramic views of The Seven Sea’s Lagoon, taking in the top of Cinderella’s Castle.  In the evening ,the verandah not only allows a close up viewing of the often missed Electrical Water Pageant, but also a unique, uncrowded observation point for spectacular views of Wishes Fireworks Display.  The synchronized display music is even fed to speakers on the verandah, making the stunning reflections across the water even more atmospheric.
As if the exceptional dining experience wasn’t enough, the food here can only be described as out of this world!  The menu includes dishes from Two-pound Maine Lobster, Key west Shrimp to Filet Mignon to cater for meat as well as sea food lovers.  As for the Rhode Island Calamari, what can I say, the best we have tasted!  Personally, I am usually able to stop eating when I am full, but the quality and taste of all the courses served up at Narcoossee’s rendered it impossible for me to leave anything on my plate, despite feeling gorged!  Even the photo’s I took of the food do not show the plate untouched as we were so keen to tuck in the photo taking took a back seat!
Narcoossee 1Narcoossee 2
Welcome Homes USA would not want you to be disappointed in any way, and so if you are expecting a sophisticated atmosphere found at other Disney high end restaurants such as The Contemporary’s California Grill, your expectations may not be met.  The wooden floor and lack of music makes it a little noisy in the restaurant. Non the less, we cannot recommend Narcoossee’s highly enough, it is truly a fantastic dining experience not to be missed.

It is worth letting the restaurant know if it is special occasion when you make your reservation.  They served up a beautiful desert with a “Happy Anniversary” chocolate message to my husband and I for our fifth wedding anniversary.  The almond cheesecake that came with this was again one of the tastiest puddings I have ever eaten

Texas de Brazil

Texas de Brazil describes itself as an authentic Brazilian-American “Churrascaria”, (steakhouse) that fuses traditional Brazilian food with the big hearted ethos of Texas.  And I must say they they live up to their description!  The food is incredibly tasty and they couldn’t be more generous with it! To start there is a lavish salad area which comprises between 50 and 60 dishes including appetizers, soups (the best lobster bisque I have ever tasted!), gourmet vegetables and of course, salads!  Now even if there are vegetarians amongst your party, they can fill on this area alone!  We found gourmet breads, cheeses, grilled portobello mushrooms, asparagus, and tons more!  They still cater for carnivores here and there are delicious shrimp salads, sushi and meats.

As you are seated you will notice servers (gauchos) visiting tables to offer a variety of grilled meats on skewers, and carving slices directly onto the diners plates.  You can have as much or little of any of the 16 cuts of meat as you like, from filet mignon to leg of lamb, pork ribs or Brazilian Picanha!  You are given a card when you arrive to let the gauchos know that you are ready to eat – turn it to the green side and they will attend your table to offer the cut they are carrying, turn it to the red side and they will give you a rest! Now I have to say that we visited at five o’clock in the afternoon and never had to wait long for a carver to bring a skewer over.  The service was fantastic and our waitress would ask regularly if there was a particular meat that we wanted to try.  I believe you may need to expect a longer wait at busier times due to the popularity of this restaurant, and a reservation may even be wise.

All in all Welcome Homes highly recommends  this restaurant for at least one visit during your stay at our villas in Orlando, when you are particularly hungry!  It is not the cheapest of restaurants but I would say well worth the money, as the food they serve is not typical of an all you can eat restaurant.  If you had a late night at the Disney parks and sleep in, you could even make it an early lunch/late breakfast, maybe then having room for one of their mouthwatering deserts – they looked amazing but sadly I really could fit no more in. Do check if dessert is included in the price as it is only included at particular sittings!  One more tip – bring a wrap or something to throw over your shoulders – they do keep it cool in there!