Why Vacation Rental Homes is the safer choice of lodging for now and into the future

Posted on April 16, 2020

Why Vacation Rental Homes is the safer choice of lodging for now and into the future.

In the short-term industry, we have seen this year’s January and February had the highest booking in over three years. In the matter of weeks everything changed and booking activity just ceased. Cancellation went rocket high and income went to zero.

This Corona virus or so called COVID-19 is decimated the travel industry not only here in Florida but all over the world. The chain effect of multi-state lock downs has had a chilling effect on many companies, from restaurant, airlines and of course, to hotels and Vacation rentals. Here in Florida, in accordance with the mandate set by Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis, Executive Order 20-103 and Executive Order 20-87  all vacation rentals are not allowed to accept booking from 3/28/2020 – 4/30/2020, which affected small business and vacation homes owners badly.

On the other hand, there are travelers from cities that are not lock down trying to find a quiet place to escape from daily routine at home. Then other that would rather be stuck at home in warmer climate such as Florida.  Some guests stayed more than they planned to because of the uncertainty and changes every day in the news, which helps the business keep going.

The biggest positive effect we are seeing now is that Vacation Rental Homes will to be the safer alternative in lodging during this time of pandemic and even into the future from such outbreaks. The reason is that, guests are not mingling with other guests which you cannot get away from in halls, elevators, stairs, pools, work out rooms, and parking lots from things like hotels and motels.  Such lodging as hotels, makes it impossible to keep the 6 feet distance and from touching things like floor number in the elevators that someone else just touched minutes before or even breathing the air someone just was in second before maybe a sneeze is still flowing in the air.  Instead, in vacation rental homes and condos, guests are with their family and are confined in one private home that is considerably safer from contact of many people.

While no one knows when will this pandemic end, Vacation Rental Homes are getting ready for those who are tired of being stuck at home and wants to enjoy the warm weather of Florida in the private pool.  With the guidance of the national government and local vacation rentals organization in the area, we are making sure that were following the precautionary steps that properties are safe for guests and ready for the new bookings. We are confident that the strict cleanliness standards are met and we ensure that we will deliver best of our best to a better guest experience.

Why Vacation Rental Homes is the safer choice of lodging for now and into the future